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Local Economic Development Projects Across Canada
Local Economic Development Projects Across Canada
Local Economic Development Projects Across Canada

New Brunswick

2019 New Brunswick Growth Summit

Unifying collective efforts for supporting business growth in New Brunswick is of core importance in a context where the province has registered a population decrease (according to the 2016 Census), and the need to propel our businesses to success is a key solution in sustaining our economy.

The New Brunswick Association of Community Business Development Corporations (CBDCs) hosted the New Brunswick Growth Summit 2019 involving a dozen key provincial and federal agencies and departments in six locations throughout the province.

A total of 177 companies were registered for the growth series with business owners and leader managers ready to engage and propel actions for growth. Local Committees have been very committed in recruiting targeted companies and sectors to attend each Summit.

Knowledge Forums, live demos, key-note speakers and one-on-one meetings with governmental representatives helped companies drive growth and profitability in topics such as human resources, talent and immigration, sales, market expansion and exportation, product innovation, advance manufacturing and digitization as well as productivity.  

New Brunswick

Chaleur Golf Association

The Chaleur Golf Association is a not-for-profit company in Bathurst and its goal was to keep the Squire Green Golf Club alive as it had fallen on hard times. With the help and guidance of CBDC Chaleur, Chaleur Golf Association was able to acquire the business assets and within 2 weeks were up and running. CBDC Chaleur loaned the required seed money to get the business started and has also helped find funding for management and staff.


The Association’s long-term vision is to give the residents of the Chaleur area a place to enjoy their favorite sport, a place to relax with friends and to give the Association a chance to give back to the area. Chaleur Golf Association is a proud supporter of the local minor hockey association and the SPCA. The Association is exploring ways to be a year-round operation as the club is close to hiking & biking trails in the summer and cross-country skiing, snowshoe and fat bike trails in the winter.


If not for the local CBDC and the dedicated members of the Chaleur Golf Association this project would never have happened. The Association was able to generate a profit in 2019 and are on the way to a very successful 2020. Profits have been used to re-invest in new carts and equipment and the Association is looking forward to even greater things in the years to come.

New Brunswick

Youth Take Centre Stage

Established in 2019, the Community of Young Actors of Madawaska Inc. has exceled in their community by providing a place where inclusion, fulfillment, and the development of new skills are highly valued. Members of the Community of Young Actors of Madawaska, aged 14 to 24, come together to practice performing arts such as musical theatre, singing, and dancing in all their different forms. The group stands out with its original and daring ideas, and is always for ways to innovate and improve its services in order to make its community a place where the performing arts are essential. 

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